Jan. 2nd - Jun.30th

Reading & Writing Plus

Reading & Writing Plus aims to develop core skills such as critical thinking, close reading, writing and speaking. This program is especially designed for the students to succeed in the New BC Curriculum and includes various presentations and creative projects.

ACT Prep

Elite’s ACT preparation program helps students navigate the test with ease and learn specific strategies for the test.

Prime English

Prime English consists of Reading, Writing, Listening, and Speaking and Grammar. Prime English aims to build upon students’ knowledge of the world to develop the language skills they need for success in the school year.


ReadiPrep™ is designed especially for 8th graders to 10th graders who want to get a head start on preparing for the PSAT and SAT. The program offers a monthly practice test and a set of four interlocking classes (novel study, critical reading with SAT vocabulary, grammar-focused writing & essay writing) taught at a pace more suitable for younger students. Students meet for a total of about 4 hours per week. Students will be practicing with real SAT tests.

SAT Reasoning Prep

Developed over the last 33 years, Elite’s proven SAT curriculum is designed to give students the skills and confidence they need to do their best on test day. The program offers a comprehensive package of four interlocking classes: Reading, Writing and Language, Math, Essay, and a Practice Test Session.

Graduation Literacy Assessment Prep

This course is especially designed to facilitate students preparing for GLA.

SSAT Book Club

The SSAT Book Club is an intensive verbal workout designed to enhance students’ critical reading, vocabulary skills. Students will be required to read a novel, complete a critical reading lesson and a synonyms analogies lesson. In addition, students will study SSAT vocabulary words.


Elite’s curriculum aims to increase students’ proficiency in academic English rather than concentrate solely on test-taking strategies.

Intensive Writing & Grammar

This is a course which aims to provide students with intensive writing practice. In addition, the students will also get grammar instruction to enhance essay writing skills.

AP Prep

Calculus AB, BC / Chemistry / Physics 1, 2, C / Biology / Micro, Macro Economics / World History / Statistics / English Literature / Psychology

Each Campus has a different schedule. Please contact your nearest campus for more detail.