SAT Prep

Developed over the last 33 years, Elite's SAT curriculum is designed to give you the skills and confidence you need to do your best on test day.

ACT Prep

A series of rigorous courses covers English, Math, Reading, Science and Writing and teaches specific test-taking strategies unique to the ACT.


Gain admission to the private middle school or high school of your choice with excellent entrance exam scores.

SAT Subject Prep

Get on the path to college success with weekly practice test sessions and review classes taught by expert instructors.

AP Prep

Earn college credit and strengthen your college application with stellar Advanced Placement Exam scores.


Demonstrate your English proficiency and impress college and university admissions officers with a great test score.

Reading & Writing

The Elite Reading & Writing is for those students who want to develop their critical thinking and writing skills. The R&W is comprised of novel study, vocabulary study, article reading, and writing practice.


ReadiPrep™ is designed especially for 8th graders to 10th graders who want to get a head start on preparing for the PSAT and SAT.



More than just tutoring.
The guidance your student needs to

Motivation &

Students are encouraged not only to stay on top of their grades but also to take ownership of their studies. We help motivate students and hold them accountable as they progress toward their goals.

Your Academics
Management Team

Our teachers, academic advisors, and branch directors all work together to set the foundation for your student’s success. We’re more than just tutors. We’re your team.


Our tutors serve as both skilled instructors and academic role models. Elite’s high teacher-retention rate allows students to learn with their favorite tutors over a long period of time, creating positive and meaningful mentoring relationships.

Earn AP Credits & BC Credits Online with Elite

US & Canadian University
Consulting Service

Elite Consulting has a highly experienced team dedicated to using our unique knowledge, professional experience, and creativity to help you gain acceptance to the school of your choice. We can match you to the most appropriate colleges and help you prepare a top-notch application. We can help you navigate the college admissions maze more professionally than any other service available.


All in 1 Solution for Successful University Application

Elite Consulting Team is comprised of professionals with unparalleled expertise in university counseling and extensive practical experience with a proven track record of success. In addition to highly ac-claimed academic consulting and test prep programs, Elite now offers a counseling and pairing service for Extracurricular Activities, which plays a significant role in the acceptance of college applications. From college selection to application submission, Elite will guide you step-by-step with one-on-one counseling and a long term strategic plan to build the most powerful college application possible.

Prepare your IELTS test at our official centre.

Take your IELTS test at Elite. You can prepare for your IELTS at Elite and also take the official test at our Vancouver Campus (305 - 1985 W Broadway, Vancouver), from Wednesday to Sunday every week.

Coding & Web Programming

Learn the basics of the latest technology that are actually used in the field. Through a series of fun hands-on exercises, you will be able to make your own website and learn the foundations of coding and web programming. After completing the course, students will be awarded a certificate will be well-prepared for BC Coding curriculum at high schools, AP Computer Science and eventually for the Canadian Computer Contest and Olympiad.

CCC Prep

The Canadian Computing Competition (CCC) hosted by University of Waterloo is a great challenge for secondary school students with an interest in programming. It is an opportunity for students to test their ability in designing, understanding and implementing algorithms. The competition takes place in February every year.