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Please read carefully and INITIAL each section

Please make prior arrangements to attend all sessions. If an emergency prevents the student from attending his/her session, the student’s parent must notify Elite prior to the start of class. If a student is absent or late for a class without any notice, a warning will be issued.

Homework assignments clarify, enhance, and expand the in-class portion of the program. If a student doesn’t complete a homework assignment, it has a negative impact on the class productivity and wastes time. Therefore, a parent’s guidance is required to ensure completion of all homework assignments. Any incomplete homework assignments or any quiz scores below 80% will result in a detention.

Elite’s dress code will be strictly enforced at the institute. All students should dress in an appropriate and neat manner. Revealing attire will not be allowed.

Students are not allowed to leave the classroom or the premises without instructor’s permission. Having food, drinks, cell phones, and speaking any language other than English will NOT be allowed while class is in session. Students are expected to be obedient to their teachers and staff, and any disruptive behavior in class will not be tolerated. Instructors will be required to report any misconduct to the campus director. Students found using drugs, alcohol, tobacco or any unlawful products will be immediately dismissed from all programs without any refunds.

Elite may use students’ names, photos, information and standardized test (SAT, SSAT etc.) scores in any media for advertising purposes.

Homework and tests should be done by students themselves. If students are caught cheating or are involved in any forms of plagiarism, all parties involved will be immediately dismissed from the program without any exception and any refund.

The tuition payment is due, one week before of the first day of class. For the students who enroll at Elite for the first time, a registration fee of 50 CAD (non-refundable) will be charged. For an overdue account (7 days past the payment due date), a penalty of 10% of the monthly tuition will be charged. If your cheque is returned by the bank, an additional 50 CAD (cash) will be charged. If siblings are enrolled at a same campus, 10% sibling discount will be applied to one of the sibling with less amount of the tuition balance during the period where siblings are enrolled at the same time. (Cousins or relatives cannot apply for the sibling discount.)

*Book Deposit: Some Elite Class such as R&W, SSAT Book Club, Readiprep, PSAT Book Club, EALP and etc. require Book Deposit $50(Cash) for loss and damage. If you return all books with the same condition after class and bring your book deposit receipt, you will get full refund of $50.

Elite Canada does not allow a credit for a student’s absence. However, a few exceptions are listed below.
• Natural Disaster: When classes are cancelled due to a natural disaster or unexpected occasion such as a heavy snow or a power outage, Elite will try best to arrange a make-up class. If impossible, 100% of the tuition for the day will be added to the student’s account.
• Absence because of pre-arranged Standard Tests (SAT, SSAT, TOEFL): When the student provide an acceptable documentation to prove, 100% of the tuition for the day will be added to the student’s account.
• Conflicting schedule with school activities or events: When the student bring proof of attending that shows the conflicting date and time of the event, 100% of the tuition for the day will be added to the student’s Elite account.
• If siblings are enrolled together at the same campus, they can share their credit with each other within 6 months from the credit issued date.
• After Boot Camp semester starts, no credit will be issued for any missed classes during the Boot Camp season.
• All credits will expire automatically after 6 months from the issued date.
• Credit is issued maximum 2 times per month. There will be no credit issued after the 2nd time within a month.
• When applying any discount, any remaining credit balance will be deducted from the tuition before the discount is applied

• Parent/Guardian must notify Elite Canada of withdrawal from a program at least 3 days before the first class.

- If notice is given less than 3 days before the first session, there will be a refund of 90% of the paid tuition.
- If cancellation within 1 week from the start of the first session, there will be a refund of 75% of the remaining tuition.
- If cancellation within 2 weeks from the start of the first session, there will be a refund of 50% of the remaining tuition.
- After 2 weeks has passed from the first session, no refund will be given.

• Private Tutor Cancellation or Changes: A notice has to be given two business days prior to the class date. Failed to do so will result in no credit and no refund for the missed class.
• No refund will be given for the Boot Camp tuition. Credit can be assigned when notifying Elite one week prior to the Boot Camp starting date.
• If you use credit card on your payment and request refund, a 2% of service charge will be required.

When a student conduct a serious misbehavior, Elite will immediately give a warning to the student and arrange a meeting with the student and the parents. After three warnings, the student will be removed from class without refund or credit, and will be expelled from all Elite campuses.