2020 Elite Summer Boot Camp

Take Elite Prep Online Classes & Get Ahead!

July 06 to August 28


SAT Prep (Gr.9-11)
Students will master the definitions of SAT words and sharpen their critical thinking skills through the reading analysis of various texts. This course is also comprised of weekly practice test sessions of 4 hours every week.

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SAT All-Day Special
The Program is specially designed for students who are not able to attend SAT Reasoning Prep class. This 8 hour long class focuses on reading & writing and language skills. (6 practice tests provided)


Elite Advanced Literacy Program (EALP)
Elite Advanced Literacy Program is for those students who want to develop their critical thinking and writing skills. A more intense version of Elite’s regular R&W program, the EALP is comprised of novel study, vocabulary study, and writing practice. Students will complete daily writing assignments, as well as one major writing assignment each week. In addition, at the end of the week students will write an in-class essay exam on the novel, as well as a weekly cumulativevocabulary test.


SSAT Book Club (Gr.5-10)
This is an intensive verbal workout designed to enhance students’ critical reading, vocabulary and writing skills. Every week, students will be required to read a novel, complete a critical reading lesson and a synonyms analogies lesson. In addition, students will complete 2 practice essays on typical SSAT topics, and study a total of 2400 vocabulary words.


SSAT Math Workshop (Gr.5-10)
Students prepare for the quantitative (math) sections of the test and hone their ability to solve problems involving arithmetic, basic algebra and geometry.


Common Application Boot Camp
This workshop will help grade 11 students to start preparing for entrance to US colleges in August. Students will learn key aspects of the application process and will receive strategic reviews of their essays. Contact the campus for details.


Intensive Course (Gr.9-12)
This course is especially designed to facilitate students’ move into upper levels and SAT classes, as well as to help students improve in their regular secondary school classes.


Prime English -ELL Program (Gr.4-11)
Prime English is a tailored and exclusive program, targeting students in ESL. This program is for students who want to get into regular courses as soon as possible.


Campus Specific Courses
ACT Prep, TOEFL/ IELTS Prep, School Prep (Summer School, Online Course, Provincial Exam), IB Prep, PSAT Book Club, Campus Special Programs