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About Elite Canada’s Consulting Program

Elite Educational Institute has been committed to student’s future and success for over 22 years. At Elite, we help students prepare a complete action plan to get into a college or university of their choice. As a part of our regular SAT program, every student receives regular free counseling.

Elite can demystify the application process and show students just what they need to do. Planning and preparation before deciding where they want to go to college will be very helpful for students searching for the school that is the best fit. Our information is based on our experiences over the past several years as we track our students’ success in U.S. universities. For inquiries regarding Elite’s consulting program, please contact Elite campuses in Canada.


Why do you need Elite’s University Admissions Consulting?

Due to the rapid changes in admissions policies, making the right choice requires coaching from professionals who will help you get accepted into the best colleges.

Rapid Change Right School Choice Professional Coach
College admission policy is rapidly changing and updated. How do I know which college is the best fit for me? Even if I’m well organized, I desperately need someone’s help.
Harvard and Princeton terminated an early admission policy in 2008. School name is not just guaranteed for my success after graduating from college. I’m worried about my essay, which reflects who I am and show my interest toward a targeted school.
 Lots of applicants with perfect SAT scores are denied admission to top notch colleges. Financial, location, campus size, job market, alumni relations are all considerable factors when making a decision.  When do I have to take the SAT and how many SAT subject tests do I need to take?
Why is it harder for freshman year applicants to be admitted by UC Berkeley than for transfer applicants? Are all majors at Harvard the best of the best? I am involved in many extracurricular activities but I don’t know how to organize them on my application.


What is Elite’s University Admissions Consulting?

Equipped with expertise and experience, we recommend ‘Elite University Admissions Consulting’ to all students who want to achieve success. This program is focused on the individual and driven by a specific, customized strategy. Your engagement with our Prep Specialists and Elite teachers will guarantee your entrance into a good college.

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