Intensive Programs

The Elite Intensive Programs are designed to target specific areas of grammar, writing and reading that give ongoing problems to students at this level. The material in the Intensive Program is designed for students at the Gr. 8-10 levels who are currently in Reading and Writing levels 3 & 4, and who may need extra support to move on to higher levels or to SAT classes.

The Intensive Programs are conceived as predominantly workshop classes in which students can expect the maximum amount of practice, and feedback from their instructors. Each individual course runs for 12 weeks. Students commit to an extra two hours of class time per week.

Intensive Grammar

The program encourages students to consider how they may use the studies’ concepts to improve their own writing. Instructors teach the concepts highlighted in the companion booklet and provide students with extensive feedback and support in the classroom. Students will have time to incorporate concepts they are learning into any writing assignments they are required to complete.

Intensive Writing

The contents of this class cover the following areas:

  • How to start / How to get ideas / How to put your ideas in order
  • How to write up your ideas / How to tie your ideas together
  • How to talk to a reader / How to say it on paper
  • How to save words / How to not puzzle your reader
  • How to save your reader extra work / How to get the most out of words
  • How to find the right word / How to make it fun to read

Intensive Reading

Instructors may allow students classroom time to study portions of the text that they are reading for regular Reading and Writing classes, and examine these texts for structure, argumentation, tone, themes, subtexts, context, and so on. In addition, instructors may give quizzes on weekly lessons, or on any topic that has arisen in the classroom.