Reading & Writing Clinic

The Elite Reading and Writing Clinic is an engaging program designed to bolster students' reading, writing, and thinking skills.

Students are immersed in the intensive study of novels chosen from among different time periods, genres, and authors. Elite Reading and Writing Clinics improve students’ overall abilities to read and understand novels and stories as well as develop critical thinking. Each class includes in-depth class discussions of the daily readings that rely on each student’s initiative to share and communicate his or her thoughts and ideas. In addition, the Reading and Writing Clinics include weekly articles related to the story being studied, as well as weekly writing lessons that include various genres of writing and the implementation of essay writing techniques.

The Reading and Writing Clinic is imperative for students because it exposes their minds to new ideas and new ways of understanding subtleties such as sub-context, metaphors, morals and ethics. Students of Elite’s Reading and Writing Clinics will also come away with a better understanding of the development of global cultures and sensibilities, which is vital to their future success in college and in life.