SSAT Prep / SSAT Book Club


Elite SSAT Prep courses have been uniquely designed to prepare students to maximize their scores on the SSAT. Elite SSAT Prep courses cover essay writing, vocabulary building, reading comprehension and mathematics. Students in the SSAT Prep program study key concepts required for success in all sections of the test: synonyms, analogies, critical reading and writing. In addition to completing weekly practice exercises and studying target vocabulary, students will write a practice exam at least once a month. The prep class will also teach students time management and key test-taking strategies.


SSAT Book Club

The SSAT Book Club is for students who intend to apply to boarding schools and who will be writing the SSAT test. This course is intended for students who feel they need more extensive and broad reading experience before focusing strictly on exam preparation. Study of both fiction and non-fiction texts supplement formal lessons in critical reading concepts. Students will study weekly SSAT vocabulary as well as vocabulary from the text. In addition, they will write weekly essays of the type required by the test, as well as complete synonym and analogy questions.