Elite myHome

About Elite myHome

Elite myHome is a total management program for international students. This program is designed to help international students’ school life, after school, extra activities, and daily life in Canada. Elite myHome also offers consulting services to help students prepare for gaining acceptance into the most prestigious schools. Elite myHome Center(EH Center) is an affiliate of Elite Educational Institute, and is dedicated to providing students with unmatched individualized attention, personalized academic advice, and sophisticated curriculum. Elite myHome Center has a strong responsibility to take care of students by partnering with the parents to help with their English studies in cooperation with Elite Educational Institute. It includes supporting the students’ school entrance through supervising their daily lives. We arrange for students to stay in an Elite dormitory or with a Canadian Home-Stay family so that they can experience a new culture and world, and learn new skills at the same time. Also, through regular communications with parents, we help them to be less concerned and more content about their children studying in Canada.

The Differentiated Strengths of Elite myHome

1. Proven After-school Study Programs along with Elite Educational Institute

Most parents spent a lot of time and effort finding good ways to help their children improve English skills, study at school, study in preparation to go back to their home country, find appropriate after-school programs and tutors, to help their children who just started studying in a foreign country. Elite myHome supports children and parents in achieving their objectives by offering Elite Educational Institute’s proven program for outstanding student-progress monitoring and after-school programs.

2. Professional Consulting Services for Top School Entrance

Gaining acceptance into top US schools, international studies division of top Universities in Korea, and the most prestigious private schools in North America is no longer hard to imagine. Consulting services at Elite Educational Institute, experts in English Education, will help students thoroughly prepare, based on the students’ interests and objectives. It includes a test preparation, extra activities, selecting a major, a school, and essay and application preparations, as these will help them get into their best choice of school. Elite will act as a professional advisor so that students can attain their dreams and move forward.

3. Personalized Student Management

There are various types of student management. It depends on students and parents’ individual character and expectation levels. Elite myHome program provides students and parents with a personalized program that will meet their demands.

4. Active Communication with Parents

Elite myHome Program informs parents of students’ daily lives and progress through many communication tools. It will help parents know in detail about their children’s daily lives even through they live apart. Parents will be able to see their children getting used to a new environment via a video conference, phone call, sharing photos and video clips on the website. Elite myHome Program provides weekly reports, study progress reports, counseling notes, meal plans, activities and event plans.


Should you have any questions regarding Elite myHome, please contact our EH Center. Tel : 604-930-7922, Address : #201-10351 150TH St. Surrey, B.C. V3R 4B1, Canada