2020 Elite Winter + Spring: Jan.06 – Jun.26

Reading & Writing Plus

Reading & Writing Plus aims to develop core skills such as criti­cal thinking, close reading, writing and speaking. This program is especially designed for the students to succeed in the New BC Curriculum and includes various presentations and cre­ative projects.

Prime English

Prime English consists of Reading, Writing, Listening, and Speaking and Grammar. Prime English aims to build upon stu­dents’ knowledge of the world to develop the language skills they need for success in the school year.

SAT Reasoning Prep

Developed over the last 31 years, Elite’s proven SAT curricu­lum is designed to give students the skills and confidence they need to do their best on test day. The program offers a comprehensive package of four interlocking classes: Reading, Writing and Language, Math, Essay, and a Practice Test Ses­sion.

SSAT Book Club

The SSAT Book Club is an intensive verbal workout designed to enhance students’ critical reading, vocabulary skills. Students will be required to read a novel, complete a critical reading lesson and a synonyms analogies lesson. In addition, students will study SSAT vocabulary words.

Intensive Writing and Grammar

This is a course which aims to provide students with intensive writing practice. In addition, the students will also get gram­mar instruction to enhance essay writing skills.

ACT Prep

Elite’s ACT preparation program helps students navigate the test with ease and learn specific strategies for the test.


ReadiPrep™ is designed especially for 8th graders to 10th graders who want to get a head start on preparing for the PSAT and SAT. The program offers a monthly practice test and a set of four interlocking classes (novel study, critical reading with SAT vocabulary, grammar-focused writing & essay writ­ing) taught at a pace more suitable for younger students. Stu­dents meet for a total of about 4 hours per week. Students will be practicing with real SAT tests.

Graduation Literacy Assessment Prep

This course is especially designed to facilitate students prepar­ing for GLA.


Elite’s curriculum aims to increase students’ proficiency in ac­ademic English rather than concentrate solely on test-taking strategies.

AP Prep

Calculus AB, BC / Chemistry / Physics 1, 2, C / Biology / Micro, Macro Economics / World History / Statistics / English Litera­ture / Psychology

*Each Campus has a different schedule.

*Please contact your nearest campus for more detail.