Coquitlam Campus – 2018 Youth Charity Movement

Coquitlam Campus – 2018 Youth Charity Movement

Throughout my junior and senior year in high school, I had the honour of serving as the leader of the Youth Charity Movement – a movement aimed at raising money and awareness for the Eagle Ridge Hospital’s Hearing for Kids Program.

The overall experience was humbling as I was able to learn not only more about myself, but also how the smallest actions can cause a ripple of kindness. During our fundraising events, I was able to witness the excitement of future donors as I described to them our overall aim. It was amazing to see that adults and elders were inspired by a couple of young students. In my opinion, that inspiration didn’t originate from the amount of money that we raised. The inspiration rather derived from the fact that we, as young students, made a conscious effort to shape a better future.

People were delighted to see a younger generation that could foresee a future where parents didn’t have to choose between groceries or essential medical care. 

Although I only spent a part of my life with the Youth Charity Movement, there is a piece of the movement that will forever exist within me. I learned that in order to make a difference, you just have to take action. It doesn’t matter what the outcome is, you just have to start somewhere.

From my personal experience, I now understand that the fundraising was not the most important aspect of the movement. Rather, it was the action itself. Because in the long run, money can only do so much, whereas taking initiative can cause a ripple of inspiration.

When I visited the Eagle Ridge Hospital to see where all the fundraising went towards, I saw that ripple in effect – a ripple that began with a driving force many years ago.

Everything begins with an idea before it turns into a reality. And that was the major lesson I learned while working with the Youth Charity Movement. – Bill Kwon The Leader of YCM Year 2018