Ivy League Exploration & Admissions Workshops (3/24-3/31 2018)

Ivy League Exploration: March 24 -31, 2018 (Spring Break Exclusive)

Elite offers an extensive exploration opportunity to ensure that this multi-faceted experience leaves a strong impression on the students and motivates them as they embark on their university preparation.

How is Elite Ivy League Exploration Different from Other Tours?

Elite Education Canada is offering students an opportunity to explore their dreams of becoming students at prestigious universities in the United States. Students will come out of this trip changed and inspired. They will travel to Ivy League Universities, and three current Ivy League students will be with the students 24/7 as mentors. Students will build a great network as they meet students, admission officers and professors from top universities. Aside from the official information sessions & campus tours that schools provide, Elite students will be able to attend orientations and classes offered by these schools, and experience college life as they write essays in a school library and dine with current students.

Elite will offer several workshops during the trip to help students gain an in-depth understanding of the application process and preparation needed, including the Common Application Workshop and Applying to US Universities and School Life as Canada Grads Workshop.

Every minute of the trip, students will be intellectually stimulated. In addition to the academic activities, there will be a mission theme throughout the trip in which students will be involved in a healthy competition. Some of the missions will include reading the New York Times’ bestseller, Lost Symbol by Dan Brown, prior to the trip so that students will have more knowledge of and interest in the Washington DC Tour, daily journal completions and public speaking/presentations. At the end of the trip, the winning team will receive a prize.

Students will visit 9 prestigious universities: Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Columbia, U-Penn, Brown, MIT, NYU and Johns Hopkins.

There will be a balance between academic and meaningful entertainment to help students stay fully engaged during the trip. Students will go on excursions to historical sites and tourist attractions in Washington DC and New York.