2017 YCM Eagle Ridge Hospital Visit

Being hard of hearing should not lead to tough choices for parents, such as choosing between buying groceries or essential medical care. Unfortunately, many work hard yet struggle to provide the basic needs and are faced with incredible guilt when they cannot afford hearing aids for their child diagnosed as hard of hearing.

This year, a small yet a passionate and incredible group of students took part in Youth Charity Movement (YCM). Throughout the year, we participated in community events, such as Daisy Day, and organized small fundraisers outside local grocery stores. These events were a great success and it was, in no small measure, due to the community’s help in raising awareness for the cause. August 25th of 2017 marked the end of another year for YCM and thanks to the support of our local community, we made our annual visit to the Eagle Ridge Hospital to present our donation of $1320.

As the graduating class of 2018, it was our, Janny and Jun’s, last year as leaders of YCM. Throughout the many years of taking part, we were overwhelmed with joy to hear that our small gifts will change a young person’s life for the better. Knowing that our hard work made positive impacts in one’s life, we continue to be inspired by these aspiring stories. On behalf of Youth Charity Movement, we would like to thank the local community for the amazing support and our volunteers for their hard work and contribution.