Burnaby campus – Interview with Alice Luan, 2017 EWW Book Cover Design Winner

Burnaby campus – Interview with Alice Luan, 2017 EWW Book Cover Design Winner

This is Alice Luan, a Burnaby Elite Student and a cover design winner. Below is an interview with her. Congratulations, Alice, for producing such a creative and beautiful cover for our 2017 EWW book.

  1. What inspired you to draw this cover page for EWW program? Do you also want to make a short acceptance speech?

I was introduced to the EWW drawing contest, I was then very eager to express my ideas in drawing. I wanted to challenge myself and take a great opportunity to hand in my drawing. I love draw, paint, and sketch because there is no right or wrong answer. Just be myself. I did not expect that I was going to win this contest. I want to say to all. Please take advantage of opportunities and not be afraid of trying new things. You never know whether or not you may like it.  There are always lots of new things that people are afraid of trying. Do things that you like! You will gradually find your confidence and feel encouraged.

  1. In which way that the Elite Writing Workshop helped you with your writing?

Elite Writing Workshop had helped me to improve my grammar and writing. I used to make lots of grammatical errors. After I had the writing workshop, I started realizing the mistakes that I have written in my essays and paying attentions to tenses, wording, and also flow of the sentences as well. I also have helped me to develop coherent paragraphs and clearly explained my main ideas through supporting details.

  1. Can you explain the ideas you want to express in your works?

Initially I decided to draw a brain with different categories inside. However, the brain was too small, so I tried to draw branches around it and created a tree. I think a tree is a symbol for life, full of opportunities and possibilities. The branches are all the things that make life interesting. After, I decided to draw all the things people around me enjoy doing and created this picture.

  1. What makes you interested in painting and arts?

I started to like arts since I was very young. I believe that I can express my interests, ideas, and characteristics in drawing. When I also look at pretty dresses and clothes, I want to wear them and possibly make them. They are also art pieces that made by designers. I think drawing is one of the essential skills that designers and artists should have. One day, I would like to become a fashion designer. I have a strong passion and high interest in arts. I have been going to drawing classes and became much more interested in arts and painting.

  1. What is your plan for this summer academically and non-academically?

 I usually plan my summer with non-academic activities because during my regular semester, I am pretty busy with school work and activities. This summer, I am going to focus on activities that I could not do because of the busy schedule that I had. First of all, I am going to learn a new music instrument, guitar, then continue playing flute and drawing classes. Also, Vancouver has very nice summer. I will probably arrange an outdoor activity like badminton at community centre nearby my house.