SAT Discovery: A Step Towards Advancing into Ivy League Universities

Elite is pleased to offer the SAT Demo class free of charge to our current grade 8 – 11 students who are considering applying for American universities.  The course will focus on reading and writing skills that are not only measured by the SAT but required of all students planning to attend university.

Eligibility: Gr. 8 to Gr.11 students in regular English at School (Parents are welcome to attend the class with the students.)

Cost: Free

Dates: 6/3, 6/10, 6/17

Duration: 2 hours

Instructor: Jeff LeMay

The class lessons will cover:

  • Reading topics such as main ideas, tone, and supporting details
  • Writing topics such as tense, information flow, and emphasis
  • Vocabulary topics such as roots, usage, and part of speech

In addition to studying these knowledge-based lessons, students will practice solving SAT questions while learning the best strategies for a variety of question types.  They will also receive an introduction to the Common Application, the online university application used by nearly all the Ivy League universities.

The course will be taught by Jeff LeMay, an experienced teacher who has led Elite’s Ivy Exploration tour to the United States.  He has also worked extensively with grade 12 students on their application essays for the Ivy League schools and the University of California.