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  1. Elite Surrey says:

    Summer 2016 Elite Advanced Literature Program

    The Elite Advanced Literature Program (EALP) is a rigorous course targeting all aspects of literacy, including close reading of both fiction and non-fiction, writing, and vocabulary acquisition. Students will be required to complete major homework tasks each day in order to be prepared for the daily lessons.

    Each week is self-contained, allowing students some flexibility in their schedules.

    • Students will read 1 novel per week for 8 weeks (approx. 20 – 80 pages per day, depending on the length of the novel)
    • Novel study packages will focus on thought-provoking discussion questions, sometimes requiring research to be done by students.
    • Contribution to class discussions is expected.

    • Students will write a final exam (essay/paragraph format) on each novel on DAY 5
    • Essay topics will be assigned on DAY 1 to give students an opportunity to develop content through in-class discussions
    • Each week there will be daily writing assignments, and a major homework writing assignment (such as a personal essay or research essay) due on DAY 4

    • Students will be responsible for learning approximately 200 words per novel
    • 50 words quizzed DAILY
    • cumulative quiz on DAY 5
    • Students will complete daily in-class and homework activities on the vocabulary

    Possible Breakdown of Class Time* (3 hrs. per day)
    • Vocabulary review/enrichment activities, QUIZZES 20 Minutes
    • Novel study discussion 40 Minutes
    • BREAK 10 Minutes
    • Novel related activities (research, presentations, debates, etc.) 40 Minutes
    • Things to think about for homework Reading & Vocabulary 10 Minutes
    • Presentation Class 60 Minutes

    *Allocation of time for each item will depend on the level

    Surrey Campus will open EALP morning class and EALP afternoon class.