2012 Summer Boot Camp Registration Begins

2012 Summer Boot Camp- July 3rd ~ August 24th
Elite Summer Boot Camp is…
Designed for students who are willing to commit most of their summer (8 weeks) to improve their academic skills and conducted in the U.S., Canada, Korea, and other area in the world at the same time with the same materials developed by the U.S. R&D team.*Early Registration by May 31 gets 5% off
Elite Summer Boot Camp Programs are…
SAT Summer Boot Camp (Gr. 9-12) 4hrs/day, 5days/week
Register for the program and participate in the C.F.G.L. Competition.For more information on the CFGL Competitions, visit www.iactoday.org. Needless to say it is very demanding and rigorous program with 2000 vocabulary words, numerous essays, college level articles, advanced math problems and etc.
PSAT Book Club (Gr. 8-9) 4hrs/day, 5days/week
Designed for students in grades 8 & 9 who are planning to take PSAT or SAT, the class will run 4 hours each day and include novel study with vocabulary tests, comprehension questions and essay writing. In addition, students will have a SAT lesson, Sat test review and one SAT test per week.
Elite Advanced Literacy Program (EALP) (Gr. 4-11) 3hrs/day, 5days/week                        
The Elite Advanced Literacy Program is for those students who want to develop their critical thinking and writing skills. A more intense version than Elite’s regular R&W program, the EALP is comprised of novel study, vocabulary study, and writing practice with specialized campus programs. Students will complete daily writing assignments, as well as one major writing assignment for the week. In addition, at the end of the week students will write an in-class essay exam on the novel, as well as a weekly vocabulary test. The day will divided up with 2 hours EALP and 1 hour extracurricular activities such as debate, current news discussion, or various projects. *Each Campus provides its own special programs this summer. Check them out!
SSAT Boot Camp (Gr. 5-10) 3hrs/day, 5days/week
Enhance the critical reading, vocabulary and writing skills. Read a novel per week, complete a critical reading lesson and a synonyms analogies lesson. Write 2 practice essays each week on typical SSAT topics, and study a total of 2400 vocabulary words.
iBT-TOEFL Intensive Program (Gr. 5-12) 4hrs/day, 5days/week
Intensive! Intensive! Intensive!  Reading, Vocabulary, Writing, Listening, Speaking… 
Boot up your overall English skills and prepare for the test with this amazing program.