Year: 2012

Elite 2013 Winter Regular Session (Starts Jan 7th)

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Elite Ivy League Exploration (Spring Break Exclusive)

2013 Elite Winter Boot Camp (2 weeks)

2013 May AP Test Prep Class

Information Bank: Elite e-Newsletters

Elite has been publishing an electronic (e-news) monthly newsletter for over two years now. This e-news has important information specifically selected for our parents and students. Our newsletters contain vital university initiatives, information on tests and exams, articles on our

2012 C.F.G.L. IAC Award Winners

Congratulations to 2012 C.F.G.L. IAC Award Winners   The Center for Future Global Leader (CFGL) is pleased to announce the winners of the 2012 CFGL International Academic Competitions.   CFGL seeks to develop the leaders of tomorrow from the youth

Feeling Anxious? Test Readiness

Feeling Anxious? Test Readiness   Before the SAT – General Preparation   Read, read, and read some more: Studies of high-scoring students show that those who do well on the critical reading section read significantly more than those who achieve

Elite Aptitude Test: Helping Students Find a Path

Elite Aptitude Test: Helping Students Find a Path   If you know who you are and find out early where your interests lie, you will be better able to plan your future. Elite offers junior and senior students aptitude assessment

Elite Canada Celebrates Its 10th Anniversary!

Elite Canada Celebrates Its 10th Anniversary!    Elite has been offering students a boost to their education for ten years now. We continue to guide them to the courses they need to improve not only their SAT scores, but their