Month: June 2009

“SAT 2400 만점자 나왔다”

"SAT 2400 만점자 나왔다" – 리치몬드 엘리트 중국계 학생  한국 학생에겐 미국의 수능 시험에 해당하는 ‘SAT Reasoning’ 시험에서 2400점 만점자가 나왔다. 메트로 밴쿠버의 한 세컨더리의11학년인 보리스 쉥 (Boris Shang)이 그 영광의 주인공.  ‘SAT Reasoning’ 시험은 미국 대학 학업에 기본적으로 필요한

College Admissions Seminar at the Hanbit Church of San Diego

The San Diego Korean Daily April 21, 2009   The Hanbit Church (under the direction of Pastor Soo Il Cheong) held a ‘college admissions seminar’ on April 18, 2009 in the church’s multi-purpose room. The seminar was conducted by Mr. Jong Hwan Park, founder and

The Sending Everyday Students to Top American Universities Project

The Sending Everyday Students to Top American Universities Project “Instead of Feeding, Teaching Families to Feed Themselves”   The Vancouver Korean Daily Feb 26, 2009   Particularly outstanding students are not the only ones who are capable of making their way to

For many teens, days of summer far from lazy

Courtesy Photo from The L.A. Times: At the Elite Educational Institute in Northridge, instructor Elizabeth Cho, left, and student Christine Cao, 15, make a point to each other in a class on how to write an SAT essay.   By

Education Week Article Profiling Elite

By Robert C. Johnson Los Angeles   The sidewalks in Koreatown are teeming with students leaving school on a Tuesday afternoon. Rather than heading home, though, many of the children are hauling their backpacks to private after-school programs for several