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[Elite Surrey] Christmas is coming~ Join our beautiful Winter Boot Camp (12/26-12/29; 1/2-1/5)

학부모님 안녕하세요, 쌀쌀한 가을이 지나가고 겨울방학이 시작되는 12월이 다가왔습니다. 엘리트 써리 캠퍼스 겨울방학특강들이 12월 26일부터 시작됩니다. 저희 캠퍼스에서 겨울방학 동안 진행 될 특강들은 2018 겨울학기 Flyer와 뉴스레터를 첨부 하오니 확인해주시길 바랍니다! 겨울방학학기는 12월26-29,1월2-5 써리 엘리트에서 학생과 같이 오셔서 면담하시면 좋습니다!

[Elite Vancouver]Winter Boot Camp Free Sample class!

Winter holiday is coming, do you yet have a plan for your kids? This is the best chance for your kid to improve English! Have you wonder what the class is like? We have this great opportunity for your kids

[Elite Vancouver] New at Elite! Coding and Web Programming Class Seminar!

Elite is proudly announce this NEW program opening next year in January. Thus, at our Vancouver campus, we will be holding a seminar on the upcoming Wednesday. We will introduce our new program in more details during the presentation. It

2018 Winter Boot Camp (December 26 – January 05)

SAT / ACT Elite’s SAT/ACT Winter Boot Camp is an intense SAT/ACT prep-aration course held 8 days during the two-week Winter Break. Students will take a full-length SAT/ACT practice test each day and then attend classes. The WBC offers an

Ivy League Exploration: March 15 – 22, 2019 (Spring Break Exclusive)

Elite offers an extensive exploration opportunity to ensure that this multi-faceted experience leaves a strong impression on the students and motivates them as they embark on their university preparation. How is Elite Ivy League Exploration Different from Other Tours? Elite

2018 Summer Boot Camp Fantastic SAT Group_Surrey Elite

Go surrey Elite students go~   You are all the best~  

2018 FALL program at ELITE

2018 FALL program at ELITE: September 4th to December 22nd Plan ahead for the New Year and find the courses just right for you   Reading & Writing (Gr. 3~12) are for students who want to develop their critical thinking

2018 Summer Boot Camp Surrey Campus-Elite Advanced Literacy Program (EALP)

The Elite Advanced Literacy Program is for those students who want to develop their critical thinking and writing skills. A more intensive version of Elite’s regular R&W program, the EALP is comprised of novel study, vocabulary study, and writing practice.

2018 Elite Annual Admission Seminar & Award Ceremony

2018 Elite Annual Admission Seminar & Award Ceremony 2018 Elite Admission Seminar & Award Ceremony at the Vancouver Convention Centre – Due to the popularity of our informative seminars, the attendance gets bigger and bigger every year. This year we

Elite Summer Boot Camp (July 3 – August 24)

SAT Reasoning Prep with Internship (Gr.9~11) Students will master the definitions of SAT words and sharpen their critical thinking skills through the reading analysis of various texts. This course is also comprised of weekly practice test sessions of 4 hours