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2019 Elite Surrey Winter Boot Camp Report

No Pains, No Gains! Thank you Elite Surrey’s teachers and students.

Congratulations! SSAT and SAT students~~~Elite Surrey 2019

Congrats to our SSAT & SAT students🌷 ♥♥♥SSAT Students: Daniel Su is admitted to St. George School in September 2019! Darren Li is admitted to St. George School in September 2019! Jason Boney is admitted to Southridge School in September

[Elite Surrey] Christmas is coming~ Join our beautiful Winter Boot Camp (12/26-12/29; 1/2-1/5)

학부모님 안녕하세요, 쌀쌀한 가을이 지나가고 겨울방학이 시작되는 12월이 다가왔습니다. 엘리트 써리 캠퍼스 겨울방학특강들이 12월 26일부터 시작됩니다. 저희 캠퍼스에서 겨울방학 동안 진행 될 특강들은 2018 겨울학기 Flyer와 뉴스레터를 첨부 하오니 확인해주시길 바랍니다! 겨울방학학기는 12월26-29,1월2-5 써리 엘리트에서 학생과 같이 오셔서 면담하시면 좋습니다!

2018 Summer Boot Camp Fantastic SAT Group_Surrey Elite

Go surrey Elite students go~   You are all the best~  

2018 Summer Boot Camp Surrey Campus-Elite Advanced Literacy Program (EALP)

The Elite Advanced Literacy Program is for those students who want to develop their critical thinking and writing skills. A more intensive version of Elite’s regular R&W program, the EALP is comprised of novel study, vocabulary study, and writing practice.

Outstanding Instructor Recognition! – Robert A. Hewko from Surrey Elite

    Our Surrey Elite instructor, Rober A.Hewko , is our EALP Level 1 morning class teacher. We want to thank him for his outstanding work that he has done with all the students from his class. Everyone participated and wrote an

Surrey Elite-Surrey students are ready

If you are working hard, you will reach your dreaming score!!  

Summer Boot Camp EALP Program-Surrey Campus

Summer Boot Camp-Surrey Campus

Surrey Campus -What does revision entail?-by Michelle Chandra

The revision, or editing, process involves modifying or correcting written work. This does not only mean correcting grammar. Revision also includes clarifying concepts that may come across as unclear to the reader, organizing sentences or paragraphs to ensure that the